pregnancy, birth, and well-woman care, outside of the medical model

Hello Sisters

I’m Adelaide Meadow, founder of Small Magic Birth.

I'm a traditional midwife, functional medicine practitioner, childbirth educator, yoga teacher, and women's movement specialist. 

I approach birth, health, and our lives as women from a radical feminist perspective. 

I believe in the genius of the body and the brilliance of women. 

Whether you're looking for women-centered birth support, growing your intuitive knowledge about childbirth, or healing your own body through movement...

You're on your way. I’m here to support you.

"Adelaide walked with me throughout my pregnancy. She visited my husband and me at our home or at our farm, always willing to lend a hand. We would have prenatal visits and conversations that were both enjoyable and reassuring - I never felt rushed. When my birthing time came, she was clear, loving, knowledgeable, and patient - exactly what I needed. My birth was LONG, and she never wavered, even when I did. I caught my own baby, and it was perfect. My placenta took its time and Adelaide was unphased and everything went smoothly. Her care is true midwifery, sisterhood, and friendship. She will be with me at all of my births (God willing!). Did I mention her cooking is amazing?"

- Rose, first time mom

“Adelaide’s Childbirth Ed. classes are the best thing I could recommend for expecting mothers and their partners. Whether you are considering a hospital birth or an unassisted home birth the information was well researched, nonjudgmental, and extremely helpful. By the end of the class you will have a birth plan that you can be confident about. After taking this class I feel one hundred percent assured that I am a strong capable woman. The birthing class filled me with confidence and really made me feel truly powerful.  I know I can birth my baby. (and she did!)

- Christin F.

"Adelaide's prenatal yoga class was the highlight of my week throughout my pregnancy. From 14 to 36 weeks, Adelaide was able to help with all of my ailments through her extensive knowledge of the pregnant body. I learned more about what was really going on in my body from her than I did from any of my doctors! Meeting new soon-to-be Mommas in the prenatal class was an extra bonus.”

- Darby