Adelaide Gross

About Adelaide

Adelaide Gross, founder of Small Magic Birth, has been a student of the body for over a decade, honing her skills as a pioneering childbirth educator, certified prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher, intuitive bodyworker, and radical birth attendant. She has an intuitive and evolving knowledge of the body. With a background in anatomy and physiology, she brings an insightful and playful approach to pregnancy, birth, movement and women's health.

Adelaide lives in a tiny colonial cottage in Ipswich MA, with her radical partner and magical dogs, Bunny and Kitten. In addition to her work in authentic midwifery, her interests include making visual, dogs, and spiritual and occult practices from around the world.

yoga teacher adelaide gross

I came to birth work through movement work. Mobility and strength in the hips and pelvis are the foundation of healthy movement throughout the entire body. I teach yoga classes based on this truth. My classes began to fill with womxn: pregnant, postpartum, post-menopausal, post-hip-replacements… all seeking ease and comfort in their hips and back.

My knowledge stems from my own search for comfort in my own hips and back, post-injury. I built on this knowledge and began to formally study and teach prenatal yoga. After the birth of their babies, several of my students sought my help rehabbing their pelvic floor and abdomen. My interest in lifetime pelvic health led me to formally study and eventually teach postpartum yoga.

By then I was fully immersed in the birth world. I completed numerous trainings, eventually finding my way to authentic midwifery and the Radical BirthKeeper School, studying under Yolande Norris-Clark and Emilee Saldaya. Not long after, I began my winding journey towards practicing as a radical birth attendant, teaching integrated childbirth education classes, as well as prenatal and postpartum yoga. In addition to my personal birth work, I am an advocate in my community for birthing justice and birth outside of the medical paradigm.

yoga teacher adelaide gross