Birth in Power Coaching Sessions

Transform your fears and manifest your dream birth.

Our biology is both utterly genius and completely magical. Home birth respects our sacred biology.

Introductory Worksheet ~ 2 One-Hour Coaching Sessions ~ Handpicked Resources ~ Follow-up Support

Peaceful birth sets us up for peaceful childhoods and peaceful mothering.

You want to birth at home. You imagine birthing your baby in complete power and freedom, supported by those around you.

You imagine starting your mothering journey, snuggled at home with your perfect baby, exalted by your glorious birth.

You know that birth matters. 

You know you were born for this, but you can't quite wrap your brain around *exactly* how birth can happen safely outside of the medical model. You know that other women do it, but can YOU really birth at home?

Yes, birth is safe, but you still have concerns, fears even, about potential complications.

  • Maybe you still have questions about the medical model of care, wondering which prenatal tests and diagnostics are truly valuable vs. those that serve only hospital procedures.


  • Perhaps you feel saddened or challenged by a lack of support for your birth choices from family and friends?


  • It could be that you're having trouble finding or connecting with any local homebirth midwives or feeling confused about the type of care they can and cannot provide.

I work with radical, intelligent womxn who know that birth is inherently a physiological process, not a medical event. I help mothers plan and manifest the magical homebirth of their dreams.

I'm a pioneering childbirth educator, certified prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher, intuitive bodyworker, and radical birth attendant.

I believe in womxn and I trust birth.

Birth in Power Coaching Sessions include:

Two One-Hour Coaching Sessions

These sessions take place by phone or Zoom. We will identify your anxieties and fears regarding home birth - clarifying these concerns, learning womxn-centered information, and grounding into the inherent reality that birth is safe.

We'll use different tools and techniques for working with fears, as well as discussing birth logistics, self-care, self-assessment and so much more! Ask me anything! These sessions are usually booked with a week or two of each other.

Introductory Worksheet ~ 2 One-Hour Coaching Sessions ~ Handpicked Resources ~ Follow-up Support

After booking your first connect call, I will reach out to you via email to say hi and share the 'Introductory Worksheet'. If you don't find a time that works for you, please email me at and we find a time together.

Introductory Worksheet

Helps me understand your initial concerns regarding homebirth, so that I may gather as much information as possible to share with you during our session.

Hand-Picked Resources

I have tons of resources including books, articles, podcasts, movement sequences, recipes and more. I will share personalized resources, hand-picked to address your unique body and pregnancy.

Follow-Up Support

Questions come up! I offer three weeks of follow-up support, after the completion of our second call. I will respond via short emails or quick phone calls within 48-hour of your inquiry.

As a result of this coaching program you will:

  • Grow in your understanding of physiological birth
  • Identify, learn, examine and then shift the central fear that is giving you anxiety around birthing at home
  • Define safety and risk for yourself, as a smart, independent womxn capable of making her own choices about her body and her birth.
  • Understand the signs and indicators for the most common complications, so you can feel confident in your home birth choices
  • Get clear on whether or not a hiring doula, licensed midwife, or traditional birth attendant is right for you (and learning the distinct differences between these roles)
  • Gain the tools to decide for yourself whether or not you need to seek outside assistance during pregnancy or birth
  • Practice a straightforward way of communicating about your home birth, setting you up to speak inarguably with family, partners, and medical professionals
  • Emerge with a plan for manifesting your ideal birth