Women's Work 2.0

Group and Private Mentorship and Continuing Education

You know supporting women is your calling. 

You also know that in our current society, supporting women in birth can be complicated. 

Maybe you are...

  • A doula who feels burnt out from her work
  • A childbirth educator who is *tired* of teaching about hospital intervention
  • A healer - yoga teacher, spiritual coach, massage therapist...- who knows she can serve women more fully
  • A mother who feels called to work with other women but doesn't know exactly where to start
  • A healthcare professional who is invested in providing more holistic women-centered care

Learn to navigate your practice with integrity.

Join our Summer 2021 Group Mentorship Cohort. 16-weeks of small-group mentorship including twice-monthly meetings for lectures, discussions, and small group coaching.

Eight Mondays, 12-2 EST, on Zoom ~ Jun. 28, Jul. 12, Jul. 26, Aug. 9, Aug. 23, Sept. 6, Sept. 20, Oct. 4

You know serving women is your calling. You also know that in our current society, supporting women in birth can be complicated.

It could be that you are feeling burnt out from doula work...

Or frustrated that your childbirth classes center around hospital intervention...

Or unclear about how *exactly* you want to serve your women.

Become the change we need in birth.

I work with intelligent women who know birth is a physiological process, who are motivated to serve their communities, and who want to build a sustainable and satisfying career in birth. 


In Birth Worker 2.0, you will learn: 

  • Anatomy and Physiology: beyond the basics 
  • Tools of the Trade: self-mastery tools to support you and your clients 
  • The Women you will serve: career goals for a lifetime in birthwork
  • Sisterly Support: what does it mean for women to support women

Eight Curricular Modules and 16-weeks to create lifelong shifts in your birth work

  1. Anatomy and Physiology - Part One
    • The hard tissues of the pelvis - a deeper understanding of the bony structure
    • The soft tissues of the pelvis - understanding the genius and functions of the pelvic floor
  2. Anatomy and Physiology - Part Two
    • The Cervix, the sacred portal - functions, variations, and getting to know your own anatomy
    • The female orgasm - the four types of female orgasm, their unique physiology, and how the relate to birth
    • Movement - movement is HOW babies are born, understanding the body in action
  3. Tools of the Trade - Part One
    • The Victim, Villian, and Hero Paradigm - what it is and how to get out of it
    • Emotional Intelligence and Somatic Awareness - learning from your body and teaching your clients to do the same
  4. Tools of the Trade - Part Two
    • The IFS Model - Internal Family Systems coaching framework and how to use this practice for yourself and with your clients
    • Practicing with Integrity - how to clarify your values and integrate them into your work
  5. The Women you will Serve - Part One
    • The Career goals for a lifetime in birthwork
    • The role birth workers play in current society and the healthcare industry - and how to shape this role by centering women
  6. The Women you will Serve - Part Two
    • Women to Women communication - how clear communication will be at the center of all of your work
    • What it means to be 'professional' - boundaries when your business is sisterhood, imposter syndrome, and lifelong learning
  7. Sisterly Suport - Part One
    • Women's Work - What it is and why it's essential
    • The effects of 'modernism' on our birth culture - and our responsibility to shape culture for the future
  8. Sisterly Suport - Part Two
    • Recognizing and addressing patriarchal structures in women's work 
    • Practicing the art of woman to woman communication