Childbirth Classes


Birth is the most amazing thing on Earth. Know your options. Birth in sovereignty and power!

Next group session starts July 12, 2020!

Eight-week group series:  

  • July 12th - August 30th
    • Sundays, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Three-session private series:

  • Book according to your schedule
    • Three, 2-hour sessions over the course of three weeks

Classes are taught live, on Zoom. A PDF of your manual will be emailed to you at the beginning of the series. We hope to return to our in-person classes this fall!

Why choose small magic birth?

This class is for smart moms and supportive partners, looking to know their options and birth their babes in sovereignty and power! 

  • Are you interested in natural, physiological birth but don't know where to start?
  • Are you hoping to birth in the hospital without medical intervention?
  • Or maybe you don't know what kind of birth you're planning, hospital or home, and want to learn what your options are?

The SMB Childbirth Education Class is for you!

Our class has two main objectives: values clarification and developing body literacy. We cover in detail the amazing physiology of pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum with the intention of helping mamas clarify what is important to them, and subsequently organize around bringing those values to fruition.

Our curriculum will cover the anatomy of pregnancy and birth, pregnancy health and comfort measures, interactive guides to create your own prenatal care, and individualized support in imagining and planning your ideal birth. We will also cover common hospital birth interventions and cesarean sections, through the lens of avoiding all unnecessary interventions.

This class is designed for people who are planning a homebirth, or those looking to avoid or delay the use of medication while birthing in the hospital environment. This class will help you understand your body, your baby, and the options available to you both. (If you have been labeled 'high-risk', we welcome you! Mom's are encouraged to investigate their own definitions of risk and safety in relation to their birth.)


Topics we'll cover

  • Anatomy - how pregnancy and labor actually work for both birther and baby
  • Signs and stages of labor - answering, ‘How do I know when I’m in labor and what happens next?’
  • Comfort measures and breathing techniques
  • Pain management choices
  • Possible complications during pregnancy
  • Cesarean birth vs. vaginal birth
  • Tips for support people - how to be awesome for the birthing person
  • Prejudice in maternal health care - how to advocate for care in a biased system
  • Advocacy - supporting the birthing person in their right to make choices about their own body and their own baby(s).

Things we'll do

  • Practicing Labor positions, massage techniques, partner prenatal yoga
  • Breathing techniques and relaxation
  • Enjoying your magical manual! (I provide you a PDF full of topics to explore)
  • Engaging all participants, support people included (You rock, we’re so glad you’re here).
  • Discussing worries, things you’ve heard about, that crazy thing your cousin said… and anything else that’s on your mind.
childbirth classes
childbirth classes

Pregnant parents, both with and without support people, are welcome.

Please note that I offer a FREE admittance to our Childbirth Education Group Series for young parents. If you are an interested birthing parent under the age of 21, please reach out!

Click here and select ‘Birth Support’.


Birth support and education are a right and not a privilege.

small magic birth is dedicated to helping all people achieve better birth outcomes. This service is open to birthing people of all family structures, races, and genders, including trans and non-binary folks. If childbirth classes are cost-prohibitive and not covered by insurance, please reach out and we will work together to find a solution.