SMB Radical Childbirth Classes

You do not need to be taught how to birth.

You’re growing your baby and you’re doing a kick-ass job.
You’re educating yourself, learning like a sponge, preparing your body, mind, home, and partnerships.
You’re sifting through information, options, and opinions.
You're finding your values and your footing as a mother.
You’re looking for intelligent, well-researched, women-centered guidance.

True childbirth education is learning - through unlearning. You'll find it here.


All classes take place on zoom.

Maybe you’re struggling to find a childbirth course that focuses on undisturbed, physiological birth.

Your research and heart have led you to consider natural birth and you know there is so much to learn (and unlearn). You believe you can birth your baby, but you can’t quite wrap your brain around *exactly* how birth can happen safely, without medical intervention.

It could be that your partner or family are nervous about ‘natural birth’, and you long for them to truly support your choices. You want an environment where you can learn and grow together.

I work with smart women, helping them clarify their values and make powerful choices about pregnancy and birth.

I work with cool support people, helping them learn how to best uplift the mother in all ways.

I'm a pioneering childbirth educator, radical birth attendant, certified prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher, and intuitive bodyworker.

Let's learn together.


All classes take place on zoom.

As a result of this course, you will:

  • Envision and plan your ideal birth
  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of your pregnancy and birth
  • Become the ideal support person: how to be a rock for a pregnant mom
  • Know your hormonal blueprint: the magical matrix of hormones that makes birth happen
  • Define prenatal care - and learn how to do it for yourself
  • Nourish your body with a deeper understanding of prenatal nutrition
  • Practice functional prenatal movement - making a personalized plan for your pregnancy and for your birth
  • Understand common hospital procedures, medications, and interventions
  • Identify and examine common fears: building confidence in your birth choices



When during my pregnancy should I start a childbirth class?

I suggest beginning childbirth education in your first trimester, or early second trimester, to allow ample time for easeful decision making. However, beginning anytime before your baby is born is still super helpful!

I have been diagnosed ‘high-risk’ in my pregnancy. Is this course relevant for me?

Absolutely! Mom's are encouraged to investigate their own definitions of risk and safety in relation to their birth.

How is the SMB Radical Childbirth Education Course different from those at my local hospital?

This course offers over 16 hours of individualized, small-group instruction. The class sizes are intentionally small in order to tailor the curriculum to your unique needs. Our class also focuses on undisturbed, physiological birth, while most hospital-based classes focus on common medical childbirth practices.

I’m not currently planning a home birth. How can this course benefit me?

All of our curriculum is relevant to EVERY pregnant woman! Regardless of what type of birth you are planning, having clear information about your body, your pregnancy, and your baby is essential for powerful decision making. Our class is judgment-free, fact-based, and women-centered.

Am I welcome to take this course solo or do I need a support person?

100,000%. We welcome you and you will not miss out on any portion of our course.

I am a doula/midwife/childbirth educator or woman who is not currently pregnant. May I join your course?

It is always the right time to learn more about birth! Non-pregnant people are absolutely welcome, though naturally, we center the experience of our pregnant moms.

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