Pre-Conception Coaching Sessions

You can call your baby home. 

You’re ready. You know that now is the time to invite your baby into your body and into your life. You know that mothering is in your bones and you want to start that journey with learning and introspection, prior to calling your baby into your womb. You’re ready to open your heart, prepare your body, and surrender to the wild unknown.

You’re ready to call your baby home.

But... if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while, you might be feeling some grief, or as though  you're doing something wrong... Maybe you feel like it’s your fault.

It could be that you've been navigating the confusing world of medical fertility intervention; getting lost in numbers and charts, feeling like a statistic as opposed to a mother.

You might have been on hormonal birth control for years... and you know this affects your health. You’ve resolved to start healing and preparing for your future baby.

Maybe you know that calling in your baby is a mystical experience, but you feel unsupported by your partner or community and don’t know where to turn.

You know there must be another way.

I work with radical, intelligent womxn who *know* that their bodies aren’t broken, that they aren’t a case to be solved, and that they have the insight and the power to determine exactly what they need. 

I help mothers peel back the layers in order to make space in their lives, space for themselves and space for their babies.

I'm a pioneering childbirth educator, certified prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher, intuitive bodyworker, and radical birth attendant.

I believe in women. 

Conception Coaching Sessions will allow you to:

  • Look at fertility and conception from holistic perspective, taking into account your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Grow in your understanding of fertility cycles and how to track them
  • Discuss fertility and nutrition, creating individualized, doable guidelines
  • Work with the idea of “making space for baby”, both in your life and in your body
  • Unpack the medical world of fertility intervention including, IUI and IVF, and determine what, if anything, might best support you
  • Explore the idea of spiritually calling your baby home 
  • Obtain resources for understanding male fertility (an often overlooked component of male health).