Corporate Yoga

“I came to corporate yoga as an unlikely participant, with no prior experience, not much strength or flexibility, and mild skepticism about the spiritual aspects of yoga.  Adelaide has made me a convert.”

- Barry T., Ballentine Partners

Lack of movement can decrease office productivity, increase fatigue, and lead to general grumpiness. This is where corporate yoga is awesome.

What are the benefits of providing workplace yoga for your employees?

  • Maximize productivity by easing discomfort
  • Minimize workplace stress, boredom (and mutiny?!)
  • Increase work time by brining classes directly to employees
  • Increase employee engagement outside of the traditional work environment
  • FUN - the more you like being at work, the better you do your job
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The entire physical practice of yoga was designed to allow the body to sit more comfortably. Whether sitting in meditation or sitting in a meeting, a comfortable body allows for increased function and creativity. The mind and body are not just connected - they are one and the same. By attending to your body, you attend to your mind.

We know that sitting at a desk all day (like right now…) or traveling for work takes a toll on the physical body. We work busy schedules and finding time to attend to our bodies can fall to the bottom of the priority list.

How to make yoga classes a reality at your company?

Three simple steps:

  • 1 Reach out using my contact form - please include the size and location of your company, as well as what services you're looking for (weekly or bi-weekly classes, team building, retreats, etc.)
  • 2 I'll get back to you with a few potential time slots.
  • 3 Poll your employees to select the optimal time slot. Heck yeah!
Corporate Yoga
Corporate Yoga Teacher Adelaide Gross
Corporate Yoga Classes

"Yoga with Adelaide at our office has been a gift! While we are connecting with our own bodies and learning about their inner workings (she is incredibly knowledgeable and each class contains anatomy education magic), she fosters our connection with each other. I feel closer to my colleagues who join me in corporate yoga. Yoga at work is also incredibly convenient and Adelaide makes it tons of fun!"


"Yoga (especially mid-day yoga) helped me reset for the day, and always made the second half of my day much more productive and refreshed. When I was part of the after-work class, it was a great opportunity to leave the stresses at the door and then to be able to enjoy the rest of my evening. I also believe that the adjustments Adelaide made and guided us through as we practiced yoga were so helpful to me when it came to improving my posture and sitting position, even when sitting at my desk days later."


"Yoga class with our colleagues has become such a highlight of my week. We get to connect as a team in a comfortable and supportive environment. Of course, the fact that it occurs right in our office building makes it so easy to fit into our busy schedules (especially for working parents like myself!) Adelaide starts each class with check-ins, where we share a highlight of our week. I’ve learned so many endearing and funny anecdotes about my colleagues I would not have had the opportunity to know otherwise – even though I’ve worked with some of them for more than 12 years! What a precious gift. I have found myself taking mental notes throughout the week, like “remember this, it’s a good one for the yoga check-in!” By instituting a simple regular practice of sharing, Adelaide has reframed our mindset – to always look for the positive moments, big and small. Again, what a priceless gift!"


"No matter how much stress or how close the work deadlines are inside the office, every person emerges from our yoga class rejuvenated and ready to take on the next challenge. It’s a great company benefit that increases team morale, as well as our personal physical and mental health."


"I came to corporate yoga as an unlikely participant, with no prior experience, not much strength or flexibility, and mild skepticism about the spiritual aspects of yoga. Adelaide has made me a convert. She is very knowledgeable, motivating, and supportive; she creates a positive, open space for learning. I look forward to classes and enjoy pushing myself in ways I don't during the typical workday, both mentally and physically. The convenience of corporate yoga can't be beat, and I consistently find that classes with Adelaide leave me feeling energized and glad I participated!"



Statistically, yoga classes are racially, socio-economically, geographically, and culturally exclusive. My ethical convictions (and the yogic teachings) fuel my commitment to equity and inclusion. I welcome suggestions and constructive criticism on how to make our community warmer and friendlier. Thank you for joining me in this essential, transformative practice.