Functional Movement

strength, function, and comfort for the female body

Adelaide Gross

Movement practices for the unique genius of the female body

I offer sustainable, lifelong movement instruction that supports our body's innate intelligence.

Whether you're looking for a functional and practical movement class, wise prenatal and postpartum instruction, or personalized coaching for healing your own body through movement, you've come to the right place.

I pull from over a decade of dedicated physiological study and certification in an array of movement modalities including Iyengar Yoga, Functional Patterns, Feldenkrais, Reformer Pilates, gi gong, holistic pelvic floor therapy, weight training, and somatic healing.

I believe we learn, heal, and grow through movement and I can't wait to move with you.

Movement is the language that you share with your baby. Move with power, birth with power. In-person and virtual offerings.

Postpartum, menopausal, serious athlete - this is for you. Classes grounded in our unique physiology - combining functional movement, breathwork, and community.

Deepen your understanding of your unique anatomy, unknot patterns that may be causing or exacerbating discomfort and experiecne more freedom in your body.

Grow your teaching through a deeper understanding of women's bodies. Women are not small men, and we need not move as though we are. Individual and group mentorship.

Deepen your understanding and enjoyment of your body. Workshops, lecture series, and retreats with both in-person and virtual offerings.

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Dynamic. Intelligent. Unexpected. Satisfying. Innovative movment classes designed for the unique genius of the female body.

"Adelaide's prenatal yoga class was the highlight of my week throughout my pregnancy. From 14 to 36 weeks, Adelaide was able to help with all of my ailments through her extensive knowledge of the pregnant body. I learned more about what was really going on in my body from her than I did from any of my doctors! Meeting new soon-to-be Mommas in the prenatal class was an extra bonus.”

- Darby

"I’ve been a student of yoga for a couple of decades and Adelaide’s classes are unique. Her classes provide solid yoga instruction, usually incorporating various yogic disciplines and philosophies, always complemented by Adelaide’s strong and clear knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and dance (not to mention great taste in music), and infused with a deep sense of community. I’ve learned more than yoga in Adelaide’s classes—I’ve learned how to carry and use my body with reverence, strength, and mindfulness. What I’ve been able to take away from Addie’s classes has enhanced my practice and, more importantly, it’s had a positive change on the way I move through all of my hours off the mat." 

- Lisa O.

"Adelaide is a teacher of teachers. She has a sense of wonderment about the body and about learning. She is inquisitive and a sponge for knowledge… I have watched her put into practice complex concepts and teachings, delivering them to her students in a palatable, precise and supportive way. Her disarming presence makes students feel welcome, seen, and comfortable."

- Caroline P.