Postpartum Yoga

Congratulations on the birth of your babe!

Now what?

  • You’re feeding your babe constantly.
  • Maybe your body feels foreign.
  • Were you "cleared" for exercise six-weeks postpartum, but everything feels weird?
  • And what’s going on with your vagina/pelvic floor?

Come explore these questions (with your little!) in postpartum yoga.

Your postpartum period is as much about your healing as it is about your baby’s health and well-being.


Pelvic rehabilitation is an essential component of this healing. 50% of birthing people have some degree of pelvic dysfunction after the age of 50. Pelvic dysfunction is common, but not normal. It does not have to be this way. By focusing on gentle and functional rehabilitation of the pelvic, abdominal, and trunk muscles after childbirth, you lay the foundation for healthy movement and recovery for years to come.

So what do we do in postpartum yoga?

  • 1 Get to know your new pelvis! Learn about your musculature, function, and pelvic habits (breathing, bladder and bowel control, exercise)
  • 2 Understand the famous kegel! What, when, why, how, is this necessary…. (spoiler: NO, it's not!)
  • 3 Learn about diastasis recti or ‘abdominal separation’? What is this and how do I address it?
  • 4 Practice a specific vocabulary of yoga postures and breathing techniques selected to be safe and helpful for the postpartum body.

Please Note:
While you will gain fitness and strength, it is not a ‘fitness’ class. The goal is to help establish habits that support pelvic floor health and comfort. Integrated pelvic floor muscles are the foundation of healthy movement. This class is designed to help you heal following childbirth so that you can get back to the activities you love more safely and comfortably.

These are our goals. Our actual class contains SEVERAL INFANTS (babies who are not yet walking are welcome). It’s controlled chaos. It’s fun, informative, and non-judgemental. The amount of ‘yoga’ we accomplish depends on the day.


"Adelaide's postpartum class was just what I needed to get moving again after giving birth. Learning poses that would help with the typical aches and pains of a new mom was extremely helpful! We even learned how to properly walk while holding our babies in order to strengthen those muscles. My daughter loves to "participate" too, when she's not sleeping!"


"I attended 3 series of prenatal yoga with Adelaide as my instructor. The moment I met Adelaide I had an instant feeling of comfort; as if I had met the person who would help me make it to the finish line (other than my husband, of course). From the start of my pregnancy, I struggled with severe back pain … Each class I learned more about my body and the process it was going through, far more than I learned from reading any book. Adelaide made every awkward question or situation comfortable and provided me with additional information and support. She would check in on me if I missed a class or even just to see how I was doing. I remember forcing myself to go to one last class and told Adelaide, “I might give birth during class, but at least I have you”. Twenty-four hours later, I went into labor. My goal was to have a natural birth; my outcome was a cesarean, but my little one was healthy from head-to-toe. During my lengthy labor, I used techniques that I had learned from our class which helped me during a long pushing stage. In her class, I gained physical knowledge of how to control my body. In addition, I unexpectedly gained emotional strength for which I was very grateful. Postpartum, Adelaide came for a visit to meet my new best friend and also took the time to hear my experience. It was a wonderful and warming feeling."



Statistically, both yoga classes and spaces for new parents are exclusive. My ethical convictions (and the yogic teachings) fuel my commitment to equity and inclusion. It is my deepest aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment. This class is open to birthing parents of all races and genders, including trans and gender non-conforming folks. While all kinds of parents are welcome, this class focuses on rehabbing the body following childbirth. If this class is cost-prohibitive, please reach out and we will work together to find a solution.