Prenatal Yoga

Functional Movement. Support. Community.

Prenatal yoga is here to help.

My prenatal yoga class has three objectives, to make pregnancy more comfortable, to prepare the body and mind for childbirth, and to provide an opportunity for community support. Labor and birth are a collaboration between the birther and the baby. The job of the baby is to squirm and find its way out of the birth canal. The job of the birther is to make the maximum amount of space in order to help babe escape. Come to learn more and to enjoy the process!


Planning a Cesarean Birth?

If you are planning a cesarean birth, you are still very welcome in this class! Pelvic and vaginal work is useful for ensuring a more comfortable pregnancy (not just for the birthing process). Also, this work is useful for preparing and strengthening muscles that will be affected by surgery, aiding in an easier postpartum recovery.

Why is prenatal yoga helpful to you in preparation for birth?

  • 1 Understand the pelvis! Learn which movements and positions help the baby engage, move through, and exit the pelvis
  • 2 Help with the symptoms of pregnancy - Yoga asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques) can be incredible palliative measures for the symptoms of pregnancy, as well as invaluable tools for the journey through labor and birth.
  • 3 Join a community of other birthing parents - learn from each other, share resources, offer and receive support
  • 4 Introduction to a mindfulness practice - connecting with your babe and with yourself
  • 5 Weekly access to a trained birth professional (doula, childbirth educator, student midwife) - bring your questions!

Expect a thoughtful combination of discussion, yoga, functional movement, and meditation, all designed to prepare the mind and body for childbirth. In addition, this class includes a childbirth educational component: helping birthing people learn movements and techniques that can be used during labor to encourage more easeful birthing. Come to enjoy playful, safe, mindful movement with your growing babe, while connecting with other birthing people in your community.

This class is designed to be accessible to most bodies, regardless of size, flexibility, or level of fitness. We welcome YOU.


"Adelaide suggested a number of techniques to spend time thinking about and practicing in preparation for labor and birth including positive birth affirmations, magical birth thoughts, the importance of mindset, and the power of thinking differently. She also helped me learn a number of different breathing techniques and encouraged me to practice them regularly. With the toolbox that Adelaide helped build with me in our yoga classes and our conversations outside of class, I felt more confident in myself and prepared for my birth."


"Practising with Adelaide while having a baby on the way was terrific for me, not only physically but also mentally. To be able to still strengthen and stretch my body while also adjusting for my expanding belly felt amazing. I would have been worried about doing something “wrong” or something that might hurt the baby if I had tried to practice yoga alone, but Adelaide helped guide me in the best directions to strengthen while still supporting my growing babe."


"Adelaide's prenatal class was the highlight of my week throughout my pregnancy. From 14 weeks to my induction at 36 weeks, Adelaide was able to help with all of my ailments through her extensive knowledge of the pregnant body. I learned more about what was really going on in my body from her than I did from any of my doctors! Meeting new soon-to-be Mommas in the prenatal class was an extra bonus."


"Labor was nothing like I expected and I truly believe that the 2 sessions (12 weeks) of yoga I attended helped me trust in my body and to trust the process of birth... For someone who was actually terrified of labor, I couldn't have asked for anything better!"


"I attended 3 series of prenatal yoga with Adelaide as my instructor. The moment I met Adelaide I had an instant feeling of comfort; as if I had met the person who would help me make it to the finish line (other than my husband, of course). From the start of my pregnancy, I struggled with severe back pain … Each class I learned more about my body and the process it was going through, far more than I learned from reading any book. Adelaide made every awkward question or situation comfortable and provided me with additional information and support. She would check in on me if I missed a class or even just to see how I was doing. I remember forcing myself to go to one last class and told Adelaide, “I might give birth during class, but at least I have you”. Twenty-four hours later, I went into labor. My goal was to have a natural birth; my outcome was a cesarean, but my little one was healthy from head-to-toe. During my lengthy labor, I used techniques that I had learned from our class which helped me during a long pushing stage. In her class, I gained physical knowledge of how to control my body. In addition, I unexpectedly gained emotional strength for which I was very grateful. Postpartum, Adelaide came for a visit to meet my new best friend and also took the time to hear my experience. It was a wonderful and warming feeling."



Statistically, both yoga classes and spaces for pregnant people are exclusive. My ethical convictions (and the yogic teachings) fuel my commitment to equity and inclusion. It is my deepest aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment. This class is open to birthing people of all races and genders, including trans and gender non-conforming folks. If this class is cost-prohibitive, please reach out and we will work together to find a solution.