Well-Woman Care

Radical Pelvic Health: integrated support for all your women's health needs

Your pelvis is intelligent and amazing. You’re the expert that can heal yourself.

You know that you can be an expert of your own health.

You know the body has rhythms, cycles, and healing capabilities.

You crave Vibrant health. Ease and comfort in your body.  A satisfying sex life.

These are your birthrights. You can heal.

You want to learn more about your body and your options.

  • But perhaps you are having recurrent vaginal infections, yeast, UTI’s or BV, that just aren’t going, or staying, away.
  • It could be that you have been on hormonal birth control for years, unhappy with the side effects, and want a change.
  • You might have had a kiddo (or several) and are struggling with bladder incontinence (the sneeze-pee) and are looking to heal.
  • Maybe your vagina just doesn’t feel right, and no one is listening.

I am here to help you find your own solutions.

I personally have healed myself from years of medication-resistant vaginal infections and a broken hip and pelvis.

I healed myself from debilitating side effects of hormonal birth control, taking charge of my fertility and pelvic health.

I help women peel back the layers, understand their own bodies, and find a path to better health.

I am a pioneering childbirth educator, adult sex educator, intuitive bodyworker, and radical birth attendant.

I believe that we can heal ourselves.

Pelvic Health & Female Movement Sessions will allow you to:

  • Get really clear on exactly what you are experiencing and when, and what might already be helping you
  • Deepen your understanding of your pelvic anatomy: bones, pelvic floor, inner organs
  • Grow your understanding of fertility cycles and how to track them for overall pelvic health
  • Understand the posture/pelvic health connection ~ move, sit, and stand in ways that support your long-term pelvic function
  • Practice pelvic floor conditioning - letting go of kegels and learning integrated ways to both strengthen and soften pelvic tissues.
  • Learn holistic vaginal care techniques - effective and simple herbal and home remedies that you can use for lifetime vaginal health
  • Develop a personalized care plan, that can sustain you for years to come

You have the power to heal. Your body is intelligent and amazing. I am here to support you.