Women's Circles

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Women's Circle and Village Prenatal

Monthly Medicine. In-person gathering. Ipswich MA, USA. 

✨When women gather, magic happens.✨ Join us for:

  • Irresistible, nutritious, radical, soulful sisterhood
  • An opportunity to voice your needs and have them met and supported by your community
  • Conversation, ritual, and deep listening
  • Gushing over the pregnant and postpartum women in our group
  • The most delicious potluck around.

What do you need right now? What are you celebrating? We want to know! Each month, we sit together and take turns answering these questions in a group of supportive women. We celebrate with each other and organize around meeting women's needs.

We make specific time to uplift the pregnant and postpartum women. We listen to the birth wishes of the pregnant women and birth stories of those who recently walked through the portal into motherhood. These queens get the first pick of all of the potluck leftovers.🙌🏽

We make a bonfire and burn things we want to let go of. There is often singing, dancing, arts and crafts, and other joyful activities. Our group is multi-generational, self-responsible, warm, and loving. Babes who are not yet walking are welcome!

*These gatherings happen both outdoors and in a private home (with two dogs.) Masks and distancing are up to the purview of every individual woman.

Join Us✨

yoga teacher adelaide gross

Sister-to-Sister Coaching

Women grow by nature. We can choose how we grow.

Disconnected? Heart hurting? Puzzling through something complicated?

▪️Unpack what's going on with a Sister who gets it.

▪️Learn accessible and life-changing tools and make lasting shifts.

▪️Move forward with more joy and integrity.

✨Sister-to-Sister Coaching is loving, transformative, and grounded in community solutions. ✨

Rather than pathology, our coaching approach focuses on exploring real-life tools, grounded in self-responsibility, and buoyed by community sister-to-sister support.

I believe that you are smart, insightful, and have the power to make radical, positive change in your life. 

My approach uses a combination of powerful tools including somatic healing, emotional intelligence, radical self-responsibility, persona play and IFS, the work of Byron Katie, and the drama triangle.

 As a result of one-on-one coaching sessions, you will deepen your insight into what you want and what you need, while creating actionable steps to move you towards authenticity and change.

Both virtual and place-based coaching sessions are available.

Adelaide Gross

Hey Sister, Adelaide here✨

I am a radical birth attendant, pioneering childbirth educator, bodyworker, and feminist. I love to make visual and performance art. I live with my amazing partner and our two dogs, Bunny the three-legged herding dog, and Kitten, the deaf, pocket-sized pitbull.

I am so humbled by the ability to host other radical women in our home each month. If you feel called please join us. I can't wait to see you✨.