A 4- Month Group Mentorship & Education for Radical Women


A 4- Month Group Mentorship & Education for Radical Women

Women's Work (n): Work that supports female liberation. Work that is exclusively done by women, for women, and with women.

A 4- Month Group Mentorship & Education for Radical Women

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We live in a society where women are largely unsupported.

We live in a world that tells us "women can do anything men can do", while simultaneously commodifying our bodies and denying our biological reality.

From burnout and exhaustion at work, to unsupported childrearing, to physical pain and pelvic dysfunction, women are suffering from the lack of authentic woman-to-woman support based in the knowledge of women's bodies.

There is a crucial component missing from women's work...

The knowledge of our female bodies.


(complete male anatomical models, while female model remains disembodied and incomplete)

Women's oppression is based on our biological reality.

So women's liberation must center our female bodies.

Women's Work 1.0 is designed to give you...

 - a physiological education of the female body (that you never received)

-a radical feminist analysis of our lives as women (that you never knew you needed)

-the roadmap to centering our bodies and our values in our lives (and what's been getting in your way)

Do you work in women's health, or mostly serve women in your work?

You were probably not educated in a woman-centered way, and may have primarily learned about the female body through a male lens.

Are you a woman who wants to work with women?

You may be hitting roadblocks, struggling to identify exactly the kind of work you want to do, or feeling burnt out in male-dominated fields.

Do you want to work towards female liberation?

You may feel unfulfilled in your female relationships, and don't know how to begin building the community that you want to see.

Sister, Women's Work 1.0 is for you.

Women's Work 1.0-2

In Women's Work 1.0...

  • You will gain a deep understanding of female anatomy and physiology, and understand why supporting women’s physical health is the basis of all of our feminist work.


  • You will be able to explain how female physiology informs every aspect of our lives and work as women- and practice centering female physiology in your work with women, whether you're an engineer, or a midwife.


  • You will unlearn the habit of trying to prove yourself to men and learn to recognize your internalized misogyny. 


  • You will learn how to build a women’s culture that truly supports women - building liberatory female relationships, rather than bonding through the harmful effects of patriarchy.

What's included?

Eight 2-hour live calls (every other week designated for meeting with your accountability partner)

1-1 support from Adelaide

A Marco Polo thread & Signal group chat

A network of women doing the same radical work

Radical feminist resources

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Group Mentorship & Education Over 4 Months

  1. The Female Body- Part 1
    • The hard and soft tissues of the female pelvis 
  2. The Female Body- Part 2
    • The Cervix, pleasure, & the female orgasm
  3. The Female Body- Part 3
    • Supporting the female body in modern life
  4. Radical Feminism- Part 1
    • Radical Feminism vs. Liberal Feminism, and how it applies to your life
  5. Radical Feminism- Part 2
    • Learning from our foremothers: a primer in radical feminist writing
  6. Supportive Women's Communities- Part 1
    • The drama triangle, and getting into right relationship with other women
  7. Supportive Women's Communities- Part 2
    • Recognizing your roadblocks and how to step out of your own way
  8. Supportive Women's Communities- Part 3
    • Speaking inarguably to support yourself and build the community you want to see

Meet Adelaide Meadow

Your radical feminist mentor.


Adelaide is a physiologist, yoga teacher, bodyworker, and homebirth midwife who is passionate about the radical feminist reclamation of the body.

Her genius is her ability to read the female body- specifically, women's sacred posture and the magic of the female pelvis.

She is passionate about liberating movement practices from biologically inaccurate and harmful bodily teachings that are grounded in male physiology, and rebirthing female movement practices.

She is a sought-after teacher, leader, and speaker on women's health and women's culture, as well as the author and illustrator of a children's book about undisturbed birth.