Workshops, Lectures, & Retreats

Get to Know Your Body - a women's pelvic health lecture series

Part One - Female Anatomy and Physiology: understading your genius body

Part Two - The Four Types of Female Orgasm: how investigating our bodies can improve our sex life

Part Three - Childbirth Education for Everyone: what we all need to know about birith

Part Four - Holistic Pelvic Care: vaginal wellness and treating BV and yeast at home


July 2021 - Exact dates and details coming soon. 

Women's Retreats

All the teaching, physiology, laughter, and dharma discussion that you love, just more of it.

Come step into the practice for an immersive retreat of movement, meditation, and dialogue. The company is always unparalleled. The food is always delicious and nourishing.

 Due to the response to Covid-19, all retreats are currently on hold until 2022. I well send out email updates when our next retreat is scheduled.