Three reasons to do prenatal yoga

Yoga teach Adelaide from Small Magic Birth with pregnant woman

Hey Sister,

You know women are not small men. Our bodies are built differently, we move differently, and we experience pain differently. Yet so many movement methods were made by men, with male bodies in mind (ballet, yoga, pilates, strength training…) and then retrofitted (or not) for female bodies. We can do better. 

*What if*we pulled the most functional actions from all of these modalities and then *actually* centered female physiology?

We’d get a movement practice that leaves you feeling stronger, freer, and more supported in your body. Let me tell you what I mean: 

Three reasons to practice prenatal yoga (even if you are not pregnant!)

1. Movement is HOW you birth your baby.

It’s TRUE. During birth, our job as mothers is to make space for our babies. The job of our babies is to wind and squirm their way through the birth canal and into our arms. We make space by moving our bodies in response to the movement of our babies – and this is a skill that can be practiced during pregnancy. 

2. Functional movement patterns = less pain + more ease

Sciatic pain, pelvic pain, mid-back/rib pain, heartburn… did you know there are movement solutions for ALL of these concerns? YUP. 

You can:

  • Adjust your pelvic alignment and alleviate sciatic pain
  • Breathe your way to a stronger and more supple pelvic floor
  • Walk in a way that supports your belly and low back
  • Lift your baby (or your groceries) in way that builds strength (instead of making you stiff) 

These actions are foundational movement principles for all women – pregnant or otherwise – and learning them can help us do ALL the activities in our lives with more comfort, strength, and ease. 

3. Sisterhood 

The affirming, refreshing, whole body nourishment that all need. 

Gathering with other women to share about how we are feeling and what’s going on in our bodies, especially during pregnancy, is essential medicine.  This is often the most popular portion of class. 

My next online prenatal yoga session starts soon, with the recordings made available each week immediately following class if you cannot make it live. You can join our next session here.

Our class supports and uplifts pregnant mamas from all over the world. We also welcome birth workers and female yoga practitioners who want to sharpen their anatomy skills and learn how to better support their clients (and their bodies) through movement. 

This series will sell out (we cap it at 12 women to keep the group intimate).

I cannot wait to practice with you.



About Adelaide Gross

Adelaide Meadow, the founder of Small Magic Birth, is a traditional midwife, women's functional medicine practitioner, and sought-after educator - serving women and their families, outside of the medical model. She teaches workshops about pelvic and vaginal health around the world. Her midwifery and well-woman care practice are based in Ipswich MA, USA.

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